Wednesday, August 25, 2010

National Magazines Making Gift Guide Selections

It's been a busy time of late, as the national magazines start making selections for their Holiday Gift Guides. I never know until I have a copy in my hand if a piece of Crane stationery actually makes it to print. So in order not to jinx the situation, I'll show you their selections to date but won't name the magazines.

Black Label Collection: Hand-engraved Elephants

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Calling All Etiquette Experts: What Would You Do?

If a guest brings you a wonderful bottle of French wine, and you can't find a bottle opener, is this acceptable?

Note: Etiquette experts around the world are flocking to this site, so you may have to be patient. If the video box doesn't show up, here's a link.

Crane Launches New Website: Come Visit!

This week, Crane launched a new website at, designed to create a brand new stationery shopping experience. There are new tips, new ideas and a new section to make your visit very personal. By unlocking your drawer, you can find special offers on the products you love, keep track of your orders and your favorite products and articles as well as the more pragmatic, such as an address book and order history.

There is also a new Crane Community site where you can tell your Crane stories and participate in community forums on a variety of topics. We're working on integrating the blog.

So please visit and make yourself at home.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Crane CEO Interviewed for CNN Money Feature

Charlie Kittredge, Crane's CEO and a sixth-generation descendant of Zenas Crane, recently gave an interview with CNN Money. Charlie covered family, history, money and stationery.

Here's a link to the article. You will see video toward the bottom.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pittsfield Artist Wins Crane's Design Challenge

John Neiner, an illustrator with Pixel Graphic Design Studio in Pittsfield has been selected as the winner of the second Berkshire Creative Challenge. This year, the Challenge was hosted by Crane & Co. As a result of his submission, John will be creating a new holiday design collection for Crane's 2012 season.

Founded in 2005 by John’s brother, Pixel has been an outlet for their creative skills and imagination. Over the past few years John has transitioned from his background in traditional media into the realm of digital-art. John resides in the Berkshires with his wife Erin and their 3 energetic boys. In addition to art, John also enjoys rock climbing, ventriloquism and a slew of other eclectic pastimes.

Earlier this summer, I had the great pleasure of touring the 13 finalists around Crane's production facilities with Karla Cushman, Crane's Design Manager. Here's a link to photos from the tour.

Our regional NPR station - WAMC in Albany, N.Y., did a really nice piece on the Challenge. You can listen to it here.

“John stood out to everyone on the review committee.  His work was impressive, organized, and imaginative,” said Megan Kuntze, Crane’s Brand Director, “We are looking forward to working with John on future creative assignments.”

In addition to John, six other designers were identified as potential resources for future freelance projects. through the Berkshire Creative Challenge.