Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vince Gets Nod for Entertainer of the Year

Wendy, the boys and I go way back with infomercials. When we gather each holiday season we compare notes on the past year's best performances and determine The Best of the Best.

I'm not afraid to admit that we do go back; back to Sam Popeil. Yup, that's Ron Popeil's father! Popeil's Pocket Fisherman, Veg-O-Matic and the "Set it and forget it" Rotisserie. And, be honest now. You all have a set of Ginsu knives in the back of a kitchen drawer somewhere. I know I do!

So, for a couple of years there really was nothing to challenge the informercial entertainment dominance of the "What Can You Do in Ten Seconds" Magic Bullet. It was, and still remains, a late-night, half-hour classic.

But with the introduction of Shamwow, a new standard was set. This, like all other infomercials, has nothing to do with the product; it's all about entertainment. And Vince gets it done!

But wait! There's More!

Move over Veg-O-Matic.

Move over Chop-O-Matic.

In the style of the elder statesman of pitch men - Heeeeeeer's Slap Chop!

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