Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Uncovering History with a Pair of Stone Hands

For quite a few years, I've looked at this piece of paper in a case at the Crane Museum of Papermaking and said to myself, "I need to get this thing translated." The case in which it is displayed is full of moments in American history chronicled on invitations or announcements on Crane paper. As their anniversaries roll around, I'll blog about them.

So, during a visit to the Museum earlier today, I vowed to do something about getting this thing translated. I figured I would take a picture and go to my go-to peeps who read The Crane Insider here and on Twitter.

While endeavoring to place the paper back in the case, Stone Hands Hopkins dropped it on the floor.

It landed upside down......I mean, why would I ever bother to turn it over during all those years!


Janice Phillips said...

This is amazing! What a neat piece of history sitting right there in your Museum!! Thank you for sharing.

Rich Polinski said...

Very cool. It reminded me how I watched with my parents the TV broadcast of Nixon's plane landing in China.