Monday, January 4, 2010

Hottest Item in Crane's Annual Clearance Sale

Every year, there's a terrific clearance sale at crane dot com. If you've got some birthdays coming up that need some attention, you want to get an early start on the 2010 holiday season, perhaps Valentine's Day or just want to give yourself a well-deserved treat after all the holiday hubbub, check out some of these great bargains.

The best bargain of all, in my humble opinion, is Crane's Cherry Finish Wood Stationery Box. I have looked longingly at this particular item for many years as The Perfect Gift for a letter-writer, as well as for - me!

Check it out. It's gorgeous, and it's on sale for $47.99, down from $125.


Now I can afford to get and give two. One to a writer and one to me!

So who, besides me, shall I give this beauty to? I know, let's have a contest! Let's have some fun on Twitter!

Please tweet the following:

RT@craneinsider Retweet and U could win Crane's Cherry Wood Stationery Box! Pass the word. A bargain even if U don't win.

When you Tweet, you will be entered in a drawing. I'll keep track of all the Tweets and I'll announce and notify the winner next Monday, January 11.

Good Luck! And if you don't win, treat yourself.

1 comment:

mike said...


Like you, I was very excited by this opportunity and great deal. I bought two and started to fill one of them yesterday. I was SURPRISED and DISAPPOINTED that it would not accommodate a standard Crane note envelope. Ouch !!