Monday, August 25, 2008

Farmer's Almanac and a Blissful Wedding?

The 2009 edition of The Old Farmer's Almanac hits the stands tomorrow, bringing back some warm memories from the early days on the farm. Each year, our copy would be eagerly anticipated then widely read from the moment it appeared in the mail box. What would winter bring? What would the weather be like over the holidays? When would we be able to start plowing?

The folks at the Almanac contend that their long-range predictions are 80-85 percent accurate, so I'm a little concerned about the upcoming nuptials of Ms. and Mr. Bliss. There appears to be a chance of rain Saturday in the Adirondacks, according to my sources at the Almanac, so I'm rooting for the 15-20 percent error.

All of us at the Crane Insider have high hopes for a beautiful day, and wish the soon-to-be-wed Blisses a long and joyful life together. Feel free to send along your own encouragements by adding a comment below.

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