Monday, December 1, 2008

Crane Launches Greeting Card Line in the New Year

It's like Christmas all year 'round!
Every so often, a package arrives from Crane with samples of new boxed or personalized stationery. I'm on the "advance" list, which means I get to see what's coming ahead of their introduction to the market. So, rather than be stingy with this inside information, I'll share with you some new items coming to a stationer near you early next year.
Crane is introducing a new line of letterpressed and engraved greeting cards to celebrate a host of life's events. Here are some of the designs:

Clockwise from top left: Be Happy, Happy Birthday, You Can Have Your Cake, and Happy Birthday.

Clockwise from upper left: "A little bird" Happy Birthday, "Put on your party hat" Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, and Best wishes on your wedding day.

Here's my favorite, engraved in gold and red:


Lucia said...

I am very disappointed in the newer line of Crane Christmas cards. In years past, the greetings were clever and the cover depiction different than others. Now, it's the usual selection seen all over. I particularly liked one boxed set I had with a couple and a dog on the cover in the 20's style, inside the greeting was "Have yourself a merry little Christmas". Unfortunately, I am not impressed with the current selections.

Peter Hopkins said...

Hi Lucia:

I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment. I'm not involved with product development, but I know that quite a few folks at Crane keep tabs on me here, so I'm sure your opinion will be registered.

With best regards,