Friday, February 20, 2009

A Note From and Salute to Bravo Company, 82nd Airborne in Iraq

We recently received a letter from a member of Bravo Company, 3rd BCT, 82nd Airborne Division. He is a Sergeant and a Forward Observer deployed in Baghdad. With this information alone, one has to believe that this is one rugged paratrooper.

Here's part of his letter:

"I had some of your amazing stationery when I left, but I ran out. And nothing else will do after you have had cotton. Most people think in today's age, that e-mail is everything. But mail is still a huge part of soldier morale we depend on when we are abroad."

Needless to say, our sargeant will soon have a new supply of Crane stationery.

Given his statement about mail and soldier morale, I hope you all will find an opportunity to send a gift, a goodie package, a box of stationery, to one or more of our troops serving overseas. Check with your local American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Red Cross, or do a Google search for "gifts for troops in Iraq."

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