Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crane Gift Set Gets High Marks for Mother's Day

Sarah Shetter and Alison Palevsky, owners of Shetter and Palevski Interiors of Santa Monica, California, and bloggers for the Huffington Post, have selected a stationery gift set from Crane as one of their Ten Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas for $50 or Less.

They write: "Most of us don't take enough opportunities to express to our mothers how much we love and appreciate them. Take the time to write a handwritten note on beautiful stationery. Sharing one or two of your most memorable childhood experiences or perhaps a few humorous moments from family vacations will add an extra special touch. We love this set of Cambridge Blue Damask note cards and matching envelopes. Cost: $29.00.

Perhaps your Mom would like her own set of Cambridge Blue Damask Note Cards.

hint, hint.....

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The Love Letter Squad said...

Yes, of course our mothers want beautiful stationery. I used to buy Crane's stationery as a child and felt like I owned the world as I opened those boxes. I knew it meant I could say beautifully anything I wanted to say, seal it, stamp and and mail it and know in 2 days someone would be so happy to get a letter. I remember that getting a letter was a gift like nothing else. Something meant just for me. No one else ever got that exact gift. So, our mothers certainly do want beautiful stationery and they want a letter from you written on beautiful stationery!