Monday, June 15, 2009

Countdown to Father's Day: Idea #4

The Brown Mamba Tornado rollerball pen by Retro 1951 has an exotic faux snakeskin pattern on real leather. The barrel is accented with gold finished appointments. Dad will delight in how it feels in his hand. Each pen measures just over 5 inches long and writes in black ink. It comes in a brushed aluminum tube case in a felt pouch. $30.

The Original Wallet Pen is a must-have for the well-appointed and well-organized Dad. The sterling silver Wallet Pen clips into the fold of your wallet or checkbook. An amazing little instrument that is barely over 3 inches in length, but makes a large enough impression to land a spot on Oprah's O List. Each Wallet Pen comes in a random, bright-colored box with instructions and spare refill. $49.

Monteverde blends art and technology for Dad, creating this distinctive pen by combining classic style, elegant balance and modern materials. This Black Tie Ballpoint Pen is part of the Invincia collection. Black and white acrylic barrel with chrome-plated brass appointments. $70.

The Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen in the new City Line Urban Brown finish with chrome appointments is presented in a stylish handsome gift set. The pen is paired with a brown leather magnetic closure pen case in an elegant gift box. Just in time for Father's Day. $100.


Janice Phillips said...

Love this blog and love Crane! I saw this post by a letterpress blogger and thought you should see it as my experiences w/Crane have been nothing short of perfection.

Btw, also did that survey you posted recently and am really excited to see resulting changes but continued commitment to cotton paper!

Peter Hopkins said...

Thanks so much for your kind note and for participating in the recent survey. If I had to guess, my money would be on the continued love affair with cotton paper.