Friday, June 19, 2009

A Sad State of Affairs on Father's Day

Yes, I am biased. But this article made me very sad. There's just something wrong, something disrespectful - especially with Father's Day just around the corner - when children demand that their parents communicate on their terms.

Dear Dad: I'm much too busy and much too self-absorbed to sit down and write you a note. So, I'm sending an e-mail to this company who I pay $10 a month to print this e-mail, put it an envelope, stick on a stamp and mail it to you.

I can't write my Dad a note; we lost him quite a few years ago. I so wish I could write him a note on this Father's Day. A note written in my own terrible handwriting, that I fold and put into an envelope that I address in my own terrible handwriting, that I stick a stamp on and that I drive to the Post Office.

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