Friday, February 12, 2010

The Southernmost Sunset

Sunsets are a big deal down here in The Southernmost. It's not like the sun doesn't set in a few other places, but here it's warm - relatively - and the sun sets over the ocean, which imparts certain unique elements of color and drama.

Last night we wound our way down to Mallory Square, which appears to be Sunset Central in Key West. It was quite a sight to see - and not just the setting sun.


There are street performers of all descriptions, but tossing around lighted sticks seem to be the gig of choice.


The One-Man Band draws an appreciative audience as well.

This is the approved salute by sunset-seekers.


It brings to mind lemmings to the sea, so these convenient barriers are greatly appreciated by many.


Some are ready to sacrifice life and limb for the perfect shot.


And some figure out how to watch in grand style aboard The Southernmost Yacht.

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