Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taking the Southernmost Vacation

Wendy and I are taking a mid-winter break from the snow and cold and woodstove and - well you get the picture. We've found our way down to Key West to spend time with our great friends Jeff Johnson and Hy Conrad. Jeff runs an ad agency in New York and Hy is a mystery writer, fresh off a seven-year run with Monk.

We were a bit concerned about getting down there, what with the recent weather and all, especially while waiting for our plane to get the heck out of Detroit:

But we managed to get out while the getting was good, arriving in Fort Lauderdale only a few hours late. We pulled up to our destination right about 8 p.m. after starting out at 4 a.m., but this is the sight that greeted us:


After a beautiful dinner and a good night's rest, we set out to get our first taste of Key West. It's different here, in many ways. Lots of fun on our first day:

A much larger-than-life pair of dancers outside the Key West  Museum of Art and History.

 A must-have photo at the end of Route 1.

The Margaret Truman Launderette. Not because she did her laundry here, but because it's at the corner of Margaret and Truman.

Did I mention the pace is a little slower here?

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