Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letterpress Botanicals a Runaway Best-Seller

It seems that every year, there's one item or a collection of items that catches the public's fancy. Last year, it was the kate spade all-occasion greeting card gift set. And it's still selling really well. This year's shooting star is a collection of hand-drawn botanical designs letterpressed on Crane's Lettra paper.

They are available in folded notes, thank-you notes and imprintable invitations:

All are available at Crane's website, or you can go here to find a retailer nearest you. Make sure you call first to see if they're in stock. If not, they can be ordered.

To give credit where it's due, these lovely designs were hand-drawn by local artist Jessica Mormann.


John said...

Have to say I love letterpress. Getting some personal stationery letterpressed tomorrow! WOOHOO!!!

Peter Hopkins said...

Hi John:

Doin' the Letterpress Lavolta for you!