Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sights & Sounds of a Stationery Journey at Crane

I was giving a tour at Crane for a stationer from Australia earlier this week and brought along the video camera to capture some of the sights and sounds of stationery on the move as we prepared for the National Stationery Show. The shots are mostly random. Sights and sounds that attracted my attention as we moved through the stationery process.


Moose said...

What an superbly interesting tour!
Mom was drooling over it, I was waggin' my tail.
Tail wags to All,

Unknown said...

amazin' vid!

brooklynchuck said...

Glad to see that kind of quality and craftsmanship still going on in America. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That was really fun to see! I just put in an order for personalized stationery for my husband and I, and I was watching intently for it. Didn't see it but at least I have a behind-the-scenes picture of how it's made!