Sunday, January 11, 2009

Special Stationery for the 150th Anniversary

No, not for a wedding anniversary, but a business anniversary.
I came across a very interesting folder the other day. Within is a memo about a special set of stationery papers to be made for Crane's 150th anniversary in 1951. That in itself would be fun for anyone who has an interest in paper history, but there are samples as well.
I'm not an art historian, so I don't know how these stationery designs fit into the style of the times, but I can guarantee you I haven't seen anything like these lately. Several overall design themes become apparent upon examination: bold printed stripes, delicate printed designs and stunning overall watermarks. Here are some examples:

And lastly, here's one that's got me shaking my head. It's a single initial (like Crane's Initial Notes) but the initial is right in the middle of the letter sheet - the most formal piece of correspondence stationery - and in the middle of the envelope. I don't know if these ever made it into the market, but they certainly are interesting to contemplate.
Any thoughts out there?


hello pretty city said...

I would like arranging my writing around an initial in the middle of the paper. The initial would "pop" out.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are supposed to write on the side opposite the initial. That way, when you fold the paper into thirds for the envelope, the initial is right in the middle of the folded letter.