Thursday, April 16, 2009

Light, Camera, Design, Paper, Letterpress Convergence

Today was just one of those days. Nothing going wrong, just working away at the normal stuff, sort of feeling sorry for myself because I had to be indoors on an outdoors kind of day here in Vermont.

As I walked past my photo "studio," that sunshine that I was bemoaning was reflecting just so off a piece of letterpressed paper. I tore open a box of samples from the field that I had been putting off for a few days, in hopes that there might be some beautifully-designed and beautifully printed letterpress work while the light was still good. What were the chances? As it turned out...pretty good.

So a day that was dragging along all of a sudden flew by as those five elements converged: Light, Camera, Design, Paper and Letterpress. Some day I hope to add a sixth element - talent - but that will have to wait.

Have a look.

Above are elements of a wedding invitation designed by Elizabeth Peters of Arzberger Buening Stationers in Charlotte, N.C. Arzberger also provided the letterpress printing on 179# Crane's Lettra Pearl White paper.

Elements of a wedding invitation designed by Natalie Eason Wommack of Sicily Eason Design in Houston. The same firm provided the letterpress printing on 110# Crane's Lettra Fluorescent White paper.

And finally, Michael Osborne and One Heart Press in San Francisco.

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