Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Power of a Personal Note

Try this at home some time.

You come home from work and on your way into the house, you open the mailbox. Inside is a U-shaped bunch of paper which you already know isn’t worth your time other than to deposit in the recycling box.

But there in the middle of the soon-to-be post-consumer content is something that catches your eye. It stands out visually and commands your immediate attention. (1)

Then it stands out palpably, as you take it out of the box and admire its feel and appearance. (2)

Into the house you go, shrugging off your jacket and putting aside all the accoutrements of a day’s work. You pick it up and give it a closer inspection. (3)

Then it’s off to find an appropriate implement to open it because you know there’s something special inside. (4)

You open it, much like you would a gift, and read. (5) Then you place it in a careful spot.

There’s lots to be done this evening, just like any other evening in your busy life. But it draws you back. Maybe you’re having a glass of wine; maybe you’ve finally got dinner in the oven. It’s still there, right where you put it. You read it again. (6)

I wrote you that note. It took me only a few minutes.

In the span of perhaps an hour, I’ve brought your life to a screeching halt six times. And during those moments, you’ve done nothing but think about me.

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