Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer, Fall Collide in Bursts of Color

Early September is a wonderful time to be in Vermont. Summer is still with us, but the anticipation of fall is in the air as nighttime temperatures dip into the 40s. It's a time of transition, not just with the weather, but with explosions of color, two of which struck me this morning.

Tomatoes and maple leaves; from green to red. It's not every year that we get a solid crop of red tomatoes here in Vermont. But I don't believe there's ever been a year without a solid crop of red leaves.

The change from green to red on the tomato vine is celebrated over fresh lettuce, in a sauce pot, with a dab of mayonnaise, or just a salt shaker. It's a wonderful time, but we know what's coming.

The change of green to red on the trees is also celebrated in Vermont, as it's our best tourist season, the kids are finally back to school and there's an abundance of good sleeping weather. It's a wonderful time, but we know what's coming.

Here are some fall-inspired stationery sets to celebrate the bursts of color before you-know-what arrives:

Top left: Engraved Sunflower Tangerine Notes. Top right: kate spade lemon framed small correspondence cards. Bottom left: Engraved Palmetto Red Correspondence Cards. Bottom right: Raspberry Mixed Thank You Notes.

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