Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weddings: The Stationery Crystal Ball

When I started posting as The Crane Insider, I promised I would bring you trends as they were emerging in the world of stationery. We took a look at correspondence cards as letterhead, explored the designs selected by writers and editors of national bridal and lifestyle magazines and, most recently, we covered the phenomenon of the social calling card.

So, what’s next? What's just over the horizon?

It’s another little piece of paper with a big impact: Within the Ribbon cards.

For those unfamiliar with these cards, here’s what Crane’s Wedding Blue Book has to say:

“Church pews (or rows of seating in other wedding venues) may be cordoned off with white ribbons or cords to indicate a special seating section. When this is done, small cards reading "Within the ribbon" are sent with the invitations to those guests who will be seated in that section. The guests then bring the cards to the ceremony, which enables the ushers to seat them in the appropriate section.”

Ribboned seating areas are generally reserved in front for the closest family and friends, and especially those who may have difficulty hearing the ceremony.

Within the Ribbon cards are nothing new; they’ve been around for generations. But just like calling cards, they are enjoying a resurgence of popularity in the 21st century. And just like calling cards, they can be as formal or fashionable as you want, to coordinate with your invitations and other wedding stationery.

Within the Ribbon cards are a great stress-reliever for everyone involved in seating guests at the wedding. And they are a respectful accommodation for those most special to you on this most special day.

Keep your eyes open; you'll be seeing more of these little cards in the future.

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