Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best-selling Stationery from 2008 - Some Surprises

I was thinking about writing a piece about New Years Day and New Years babies and some new personalized birth announcements. But that will have to wait until my new photographic equipment arrives. Among the many resolutions I have for the New Year is to take better photographs - especially with the proliferation of letterpress designs, which are particularly challenging.

But I digress.

While doing some research on sales and designs, I came across what I think is an interesting phenomenon. I have to admit, I was surprised.

Crane & Co., the oldest stationery firm in the country; cotton-fiber paper; family-owned for more than 235 years and eight generations. Classic, formal, traditional.

So, if you were to guess what Crane's best-selling piece of stationery was this past year, I'm betting you would chose the timeless CN1116 - Crane's classic white or ecru Kid Finish folded note. I know I would. If there ever was an icon for stationery, that would be it.

Well, you'd be wrong. Close, but wrong. I'd give you another guess, but we haven't got all day.



Sorry, that's Crane-speak. Here it is:

If your kids haven't written their post-holiday thank-you notes, you might be able to encourage them with some cute little monkeys!

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