Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tourism Toronto Brightens a Dreary Day

Looking out the office window, its' very brown today. It was white this morning, so I guess that's an improvement. No colors springing out of the ground yet, so I have to take my colorful pleasures from other sources. Today, it's Tourism Toronto.

The Toronto Convention & Visitors Association recently created a series of colorful kits to send a unique message to prospective convention planners, showcasing Toronto as a tourist destination. The kits were designed by Neil Stewart, with artwork by Liz Parkinson, and were printed by Anstey Bookbinding in Toronto. A visit to their website is a must. Their work is incredible.

The boxes were made using Crane's Flame Red, Tangerine and Raspberry papers. They were printed using letterpress and foil stamping. Inside the boxes are a multi-panel brochure and a recessed piece of art, suitable for framing.

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