Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Eye Candy: Sparkle Amidst the Snow

The next holiday season is a long ways away, but since the weather outside is frightful, I figured it would be OK to show you a really cool holiday card from last season.

I'm a sucker for all things Arts & Crafts, and this particular card comes from Aneita Fern, the exclusive home of fine Stickley furniture for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In addition to the classic arts and crafts styles, they carry contemporary furnishings, a wide range of accessories, including the world-renowned Frank Lloyd Wright collection, and a variety of fabulous gifts.

Designed by Elizabeth Fenimore and printed by Mitchell Hill Print Solutions, this holiday card evokes memories of a vintage Vanity Fair or New Yorker magazine cover.

The card was printed on Crane's 110# Lettra paper with a Ryobi Duplicator press and Top Level ink. Foil treatments were added with a Kluge press and Nakai foil. The designer used Lettra in order to use the foil stamp and not have the back of the card be affected by the Kluge. The job was run “backwards,” in that the foil stamp was printed first, with the offset then registered to the foil.


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